Welcome to the Advert support page
Read how disabling AdBlock for JMKit.com can help support the site.
Follow the 3-Step guide to helping us out

Q: Why Would I Want to see Adverts?


Adverts have become much better and can often show you things you are genuinely interested in, including links to other websites that you may also like, and by displaying the ads on JMKit.com you are helping to support continued access and new updates!

Q: Aren't Adverts on Websites Annoying?


I Understand that some sites bombard you with adverts, some pop-up, some are more sneaky and pop-under - we never use these kind of ads - some are in your way, some slow the site down, and for those sites it's totally understandable you want to get rid of them. At JMKit.com we do everything we can to keep irritating ads out of your way and aim to show relevent adverts.

Q: How Does Showing Ads Support the Site?


I work from home on this website and don't charge you for entering the site or playing any of the games, and so the way I get paid for the majority of my work is via advertising, this means that if you are using Ad Blockers, you aren't helping to support the website. Those who disable AdBlock are actually helping to contribute to the webite growing and me being able to focus more time on creating more games, and more content for the popular PlaySets game!

Q: If I Disable AdBlock will I see Adverts everywhere?


If you follow the guide below, you will only see the adverts on this website, all the other sites will still be blocked - If you have other websites you'd also like to support however you can follow the same steps with those sites, but keep those pesky annoying ones blocked!

1 Click the AdBlock Icon:

While on www.jmkit.com look to the right (or left) of your address bar, and click on the red icon beside it.

2 Click ‘Don’t run on pages on this domain’:

This will turn off AdBlock for all the pages within the www.jmkit.com website.

3 Check the slider and click 'Exclude':

A Popup will ask you to confirm, make sure the slider is all the way over to the left, and click the 'Exclude' button, This should re-load the page, and the AdBlock icon will look green!

Disabling AdBlock For JMKit in 3 Simple Steps

Now you know how disabling AdBlock can help support www.JMKit.com, here's how you can help!

Thank you for your support and understanding, enjoy JMKit.com knowing you made a great difference!