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In the Videos section you'll be able to see clips not just from JMKit.com but also our amazing fans!

There have been many Fan-Made Stories created with JMKit games uploaded to YouTube and this is a great place to find some of our favourites

You will also find Fan-Made Guides and Reviews

JMKit Games are known for bringing together fun and creativity, weather you are thinking up and making your own stories or designing your own scenes there is a ton of games to choose from, including the ever updating JMKit Play-Sets game!

But that's not all, you can also hop into a story driven adventure game, featuring some of your favourite JMKit characters, such as Jinx and Minx's tower escape

And on top of all that there are more fun time games that have you choosing, wrapping and giving gifts, baking cakes and gingerbread, rocking out playing the drums or electric guitar and many more!

But wait.. There's more!

In the fun section there's everything that we couldn't fit into the other sections..

Hang out with fellow JMKitties (fabulous fans of JMKit) in the Chat Dens - with topics such as Gaming, Tv Shows, Music and much more!

JMKit started with it's Characters, JinxBunny and MinxBunny kicked us off in style and were soon followed up by a collection of cute and cool critters that like to stand apart from the crowd (whether they are missing certain bits and pieces or not!)

All are good spirited and relatable characters that fans have taken to their hearts in stories of their own, who is Your favourite character!

You can also learn a little more of the wildlife found around JMKit by checking out the Other Animals page.

Starting out with the two feline friends Jasper and Lo you can follow the adventures of the JMKit crew in the Comics area.

And if you want to see fan-made comics, check out the comments area of the JMKit Play-Sets game page where fans have been creating and posting their very own stories!